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Five Reasons to Leave Grubs Behind

Protect Your Lawn from White Grubs

Grub prevention season is here!  Is your lawn protected? Although small in size, grubs can cause significant damage to local lawns if no control methods are taken, resulting in expensive repairs down the road. Still not convinced? View Weed Man’s top five reasons to leave grubs behind this year.  
  1. Grubs Can Cause Unsightly Damage. White grubs are small, plump, white larvae that attack your lawn by viciously chewing on grass roots. As they continue to grow and feed, the damaged areas continuously become larger. Once the grass roots are completely destroyed, discolored yellow and brown patches will appear in the lawn. 
  2. Grub Damage Can Trick You. The damage done by white grubs is similar to symptoms of drought or dormancy. Many homeowners assume their lawn just needs more water to return to its normal green self. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.
  3. Grubs Can Be Pricey. Often, grub-infested turf will roll back like a carpet as the root system has been entirely eaten away. Left undiagnosed, grubs can devastate an entire lawn in a short period of time, which means costly renovation and resodding on the part of the homeowner. 
  4. Grubs Can Invite Unwanted Visitors. Animals like skunks and raccoons love to dig up grubby lawns looking for their next meal. Birds will similarly feed on grubs and leave behind pencil-sized holes. This damage can be just as unsightly and expensive to fix as the grub damage itself. 
  5. Grubs Won’t Stop. Grub larvae will feed voraciously and without pause, resulting in significant stress to your lawn. Serious damage can occur in the spring, summer and fall seasons. If the problem is ignored or mistaken for drought, the damaged areas will only expand until all of the grassroots have been completely chewed through.
Preventatively treating potentially devastating white grub infestations can help protect the investment you have made in a lawn care program and your property. Weed Man offers a highly effective preventative product that lasts 60-75 days in the soil. We guarantee that grub activity will not even begin for the entire remainder of the year. That's like getting grub insurance for your lawn! Call us today for details. 
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